Your Life needs YOU...

A spectre is haunting Britain - the spectre of the washing up.
The propaganda from those who would have you slave away in the kitchen has hurled their lies about dishwashers for long enough, the time has come to fight back. The time has come to free yourself from the sink!

The other side would have you believe that dishwashers are expensive, that they use too much water and electricity, that they’re only suitable for large families, that a dishwasher doesn’t clean properly, that it takes too long and can damage your glassware. We’ve shown you elsewhere on this site that these lies simply don’t hold up. This propaganda has gone on long enough, the time has come to liberate yourself from the chains of the sink, the time has come for the dishwasher owners of this country to unite and celebrate 100 years since our founding fathers (in fact it was a lady!) invented this most valued kitchen appliance.

We’ve already given you the ammunition you need to fight back with 9 reasons to use a dishwasher. Unleash these on your naysayers and watch their arguments crumble.

So does your household want cheaper utility bills? Cleaner dishes? Softer skin? Fewer arguments? A tidier, clutter-free kitchen? And most importantly, do you want to spend more time away from a sink packed with dirty dishes and less of your life scrubbing pots and pans?

If the answer is Yes to any of these questions then join the movement today. Free yourself from the sink and reclaim hours of additional time every week. You will gain the most useful ‘cupboard’ in your kitchen plus a world of other benefits.